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"The Singular People"

No more wars, just police actions | "...the most lawless people on earth" | "...hypocrisy must be widespread there" | One Nation under God

Chapter 1
Red Devils and White Saints
What Montaigne, Samuel Heame and other researchers reported about the Indians | What the Whites owe to the Indians and what the Indians owe to the Whites | A preacher pays 24 dollars for Manhattan | Have-nots, dare-devils and gamblers | The Puritans come ashore | The legends of the founding | Intolerance, prudery and hypocrisy | Handel, Bach and the Kentucky musket | Branding the palms, cutting off the ears | Writing history as if directed by Hollywood | "Musket Justice"

Chapter 2
"...the vanguard of civilization" or "Root out the Indians!"

The annihilation of the Powhattans and Pequots | General Director Krieft dreams of total war | Every imaginable atrocity | Of the "era of good feelings" and the night of history

Chapter 3
The extermination of Indians in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Spanish and British methods | "Praying Indians" | The world's most disgraceful history of treaties | "Sir, the audience has ended!" | "..and hunting them down like wild animals" | The end: war against the Cheyenne, Sioux and Apaches | "No animal sanctuary for filthy savages"

Chapter 4
The origins of the USA

New England in the making | The revolt of the shopkeepers | Boston Massacre and Tea Party - or The defiling of the holiest | Revolutionary War for the rich | Break with the motherland | Gratitude of the fatherland | The American Constitution - an upper class coup d'etat | Of rights of the few over the many | Their first president

Chapter 5l
From war to war

The second and third presidents | The second War of Independence (1812-1814) | From Monroe to Jackson | They steal Mexico | The Special Institution or The Gift of God | Slavery and the Bible | Like any other animal | With Beecher's Bibles to the Civil War

Chapter 6
The Civil War (1861-1865)

The Lincoln legend | Without twinges of conscience | Emancipation | Military chaplaincy or "live splendidly..." | The first "modern" war | "God's instrument of justice" | The "rebirth of freedom" and its price | Who murdered Lincoln?

Chapter 7
Bloody work and bloody money

Yankee spirit and robber barons | How did they make their money? | Only scoundrels are modest | The world's bloodiest labor history

Chapter 8
Attack and intervention in Latin American around 1900

Imperialism as a pecuniary duty | "You provide the pictures, I'll provide the war" | "...Christ died for them too" | Toeing the line as under Stalin | Bleeding, miserable Mexico | With dollars and artillery shells | Columbia and the Panama Canal

Chapter 9
The great war profiteer (1914/18)

"...a boom of unusual scale" | "The velvet paws of Woodrow Wilson" | "We have no quarrel with the German people" | Warmongering and witch hunting in the land of the free | The Zimmermann Telegram | The New York financial house of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. | Bernard M. Baruch, Director of the War Industry Board | U.S. high finance bankrolls the Russian Revolution | Hot war against the young Soviet Union | First the U.S. forced Germany to ground in 1918 | "Hail Wilson, the just!"

Chapter 10
From Wilson to Roosevelt or: From the First to the Second

Coolidge or "A Puritan in Babylon” | The USA helps build the Soviet Union | The biggest financial debacle in the history of the U.S.? | Heartwarming welfare for Germany | Wall Street buys Hitler | John Foster Dulles - a billion dollars for the Führer

Chapter 11
The same game in World War II

A “red” in the White House? | F.D. Roosevelt feigns neutrality | ...and provokes Germany | ...and provokes Japan | The President’s victim | Pleasure with Stalin | Teheran or To kill as many Germans as possible | Yalta and a little forging of files | Mass murderer Truman: “How many Japs did we kill?” | Tolerable, well, yes, and profitable too

Chapter 12
Cold War and hot profits

The Russians should “go to hell” | ...and the whole world “adopt the American system” | A very special morsel indeed | The Marshall Plan or the art of self-endowment | Wishes of the industrialists and the Truman Doctrine | But the Russians always had to be the villains

Chapter 13
From Korea to Vietnam

The Korean War ... | and a little boom | “I Like Ike!” | With John Foster Dulles on the verge of war | The opportunist Adenauer uses a U.S. ad agency | A summit meeting breaks up | The military-industrial complex | Kennedy or the “Call of the trumpets” | The Bay of Pigs fiasco | The big Cuban and the little Berlin crisis | “..like Abraham Lincoln”

Chapter 14
From the Vietnam War to the Gulf War

Lyndon B. Johnson or “God bless you all!” | Mafioso Nixon? | The defenders of human rights | A German contribution to the Vietnam War | Nixon’s end, Ford and the CIA | President Carter | The Hollywood President | “The human race is very elastic, Senator...” | With the CIA and Mafia | Other achievements | The bankruptcy trustee | The so-called Golf War


The Moloch


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