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The Moloch: A Critical History of the U.S.A.

The pretensions of the United States to moral authority in the "New World Order" have become more and more questionable in recent years.

Karlheinz Deschner shows in his brilliantly researched and highly provocative historical account of the United States that doubts about the integrity of our greatest NATO partner are fully justified. Deschner rolls out all the historical facts, from the extermination of the Native Americans through the immense profits derived from both World Wars up to Operation Desert Storm, showing the darker side of "God's Country": violent, immoral, hypocritical and corrupt.

Deschner's history of the U.S. is as cogent as the rest of his works, by a brilliant mixture of passionate engagement, unerring logic, biting sarcasm and overwhelming factual information.

To this book also applies the assessment of Hoimar von Ditfurth: "Not a single one of the historical facts reported by Deschner has yet to be refuted."


The Moloch


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